Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today.. i am thankful for so many things.. But i think the one thing I am eternally grateful for is my sister Sophie. I am thankful for the laughs, the cries, the good times the bad. I am thankful i had her to push me along to help me become the best me that I could. I am thankful for her outgoing, carefree way of life. I am thankful for her inspiration, for her motivation, for her love of anything. I am thankful for her voice, her words her music. I am thankful for her effortless joy that was easily spread. for her way of never taking anything to seriously.  I am thankful for her ability to know what is truly important in life. for her unspoken acts of kindness. I am thankful for the best friend anyone could ask for. For showing me that fear doesn't exist. " feel the fear and do it anyway" I am thankful for our long walks down Kelly lane, for our endless attempts and creating a new recipe, for her beautiful face in every picture i took, for her awesome sense of style for her crazy outgoing spasms for her flaring of the nostrils, for her hate to go running, for her love of cowboy boots,  for her long skinny legs, for her big white teeth, for our message sender outside our window, the notes we would write, the pranks we would play, the dreams we had dreamed, even the clothes she would borrow. I am thankful that She had a heart of gold. I am thankful that she didn't only share all of this with me. I am thankful for being lucky enough to know the most AMAZING person who could have ever walked the earth, I am thankful that she is my sister.

Oh i love you Sophie Rose..
       ... thank you